Research, innovation and valorisation of knowledge related to the urban watercycle

KWH Water

At KWH, research, innovation and the valorisation of knowledge related to the urban watercycle are central. We see the urban watercycle within a broad societal context, that is, within the Water-Energy-Food nexus. The circular economy, health for people and the environment, biodiversity and citizen involvement are key concepts in many of our new initiatives. In response to all these developments, KWH focuses its research and innovation on the connection between technical and social governance issues. This reflects our desire to contribute to further improving the urban watercycle, both at home and abroad.


KWH stands for research, innovation and the valorisation of knowledge related to the urban watercycle. The subsidiaries of the KWH Water B.V. holding company are KWR Water B.V. (100 %) and – since the spring of 2017 – Allied Waters B.V. (60 %).


The daily management of KWH is the responsibility of the chief executive and the management team, which consists of the heads of the three KWR research groups and the director of Allied Waters, who is also deputy CEO of KWH. The Supervisory Board oversees the course of activities within KWH in the name of the shareholders – Dutch and Flemish drinking water companies.

Our Building

Collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation: these are the values that our staff and guests experience in our headquarters. The building’s transparency is welcoming, while its design and surrounding greenery make it a pleasant place to work. With its smart, sustainable solutions, our work environment is prepared for the future.

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